The 2019 Remembrance service was very moving and beautiful.  We were honoured to welcome Col Matthew Van Grutten QDG to Vinehall, who told the congregation a profoundly moving story of heroism in Burma (now Myanmar) during WWII.

Year 8 pupils delivered two poems with solemnity and skill – 8H ‘Exposure’ by Wilfred Owen and 8PB ‘Listen’ by Gillian Clarke.  Leo A, Mary KB and Thomas S played ‘The Last Post’ and the ‘Reveille’ with great skill.

All the hymns were delivered very well and Zuriel N’s performance of ‘The River Flows in You’ was outstanding.  The Prep school was joined by Year 2 for the occasion and all pupils behaved impeccably.  Vinehall certainly commemorated our fallen heroes with due ceremony.