On Tuesday Year 4 had a Celtic Day. We started the day by painting our faces in Woad, creating traditional Celtic patterns which the Celts would do before they went off to fight. We then had a brisk walk up Mount Caburn, a hill near Lewis, where a tribe of Celts once lived. You can still see signs of their round houses in which we all sat!

After lunch, at school, we headed to the outdoor classroom where the children amazed me with their perseverance and creativeness. Whilst I built a fire and helped everyone to make their own fire using the fire steels, which they all managed to do, the children built small round houses using traditional methods (eg mud, twigs and straw). They spent a huge amount of time totally engrossed in the task and adding details that even surprised me. I took lots of photos, but it is hard to really appreciate their efforts from the photographs. We then heated hot chocolate and some of them helped to cook pancakes which we all enjoyed.

I think they had a wonderful day; I certainly did.

Louise Barrett