After a very early start on Friday (Mrs Payne and Mr Borrows woke us from the boarding house at 2am!), sixteen Vinehall children made their way to Gatwick airport for a 6am flight to Naples.

When we left England it was pouring with rain and then as we flew over the Alps we saw snow on the top of the peaks. We landed in Naples to very different weather conditions – 28 degrees and lots of sunshine.

Our bus collected us and took us to Positano, a pretty little town overlooking the sea, before we headed to Amalfi where we had a pizza lunch and played in the sea. When we were playing in the sea we all got soaked by a big wave that we did not see coming!  After lunch, we looked around the market town but we weren’t allowed to buy anything as we had to save our Euros.

After a sightseeing afternoon, we checked into our hotel where I shared a room with Daisy and Olivia.  The hotel had shutters in the bathroom and the lady that took us to our rooms made it very clear that we were NOT to touch the shutters.  This was very funny and obviously we couldn’t resist the temptation to touch them!  The hotel had a private beach where we spent a lot of our spare time.  Dinner was pasta and chicken that we ate at the hotel restaurant, outside on the beach – not bad for October!  We had an early night because we had been up early but my dorm did not have a clock so we had no idea what time it was.

On Saturday, we woke early and after breakfast we headed out to Herculaneum, a town that had been smothered in lava and mud during the eruption of Vesuvius.  Everyone really liked seeing the skeletons laying where they had died!  While we were there we saw the boat they all tried to get away from the eruption on (they didn’t make it!)

Sorrento was the next stop for lunch and it was finally time to spend our Euros! There were lots of lemons and lemon-themed items! Some of us bought ice creams, including me; unfortunately when I was eating my ice cream I went too close to an apron and got chocolate down it which resulted in me having to buy it!

After the shopping we returned to the hotel for more swimming in the sea followed by supper on the beach and a game of capture the (Mrs Payne’s) flip flop. This turned into a very competitive game which everyone enjoyed.

On Sunday it was time to visit Vesuvius. We all climbed up the last part to see the views from the top; well, all of us except for Mr Borrows who insisted I pull him up husky style with my ponytail!

As we looked out from the volcano we could see Pompeii, the big town that was affected by the eruption. This was our next stop where we had a very funny tour of the ruins.

On the Monday we visited a small farm to see how they make olive oil and mozzarella.  Part of the visit was to make our lunch – pizza for everyone! This was definitely the best pizza of the trip and only took 20 seconds to cook in the hot oven. We all ate this very quickly, even though we had only had breakfast a few hours before.

After lunch it was time to make our way back to the airport and rainy England.

Lara S