Benches in memory of four notable Vines

On Saturday 12th October 2019, we welcomed four long established Vinehall families in a celebration of the lives and school memories of four great men.  David Chaplin entertained us all with wonderful tales and fond recollections of times past and the many legacies left by Brian Dollar, Michael Bell, Glen Swire and Andrew Gilbart.

We will long remember Brian, Michael, Glen and Andrew through the kind donation from the Vines Society of four beautiful new benches.  Being fond cricketers, Andrew’s and Glen’s benches can be found overlooking the 1st XI cricket pitch.  Brian had a favourite ‘den’ and his children have sited his bench next to the Pre-Prep, which was once the Junior Woods.  Lastly, the Bell family chose the incredible views from the Front Terrace, which is where Michael’s bench now sits.