I was delighted to be invited to the Made By Dyslexia Global Summit this week.  This event brought together some of the world’s most successful dyslexics and influencers to participate in discussions which will inform and shape the future of dyslexia in education and employment.

Global celebrities, VIPs and business leaders joined together to participate in a dialogue about recognising dyslexia as a different and valuable way of thinking. The Summit was opened by Robyn Curnow, CNN international news anchor; key speakers included HRH Princess Beatrice, the RT Hon Matt Hancock, Space Scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock and of course Sir Richard Branson.

Throughout history, dyslexic people’s ability to think differently has made them Game Changers. From the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, to the iPhone by Steve Jobs; the first aeroplane by the Wright Brothers to Virgin space travel by Sir Richard Branson.  Dyslexic thinking has helped to revolutionise the world in which we live.  The Summit celebrated dyslexic Game Changers past, present and future, with contributions from extraordinary organisations like GCHQ, Virgin Galactic and Microsoft, all of whom are empowering the dyslexic Game Changers of the future.

I am looking forward to sharing this information over the coming months with staff, students and parents.

Karen Ye

Head of Learning Support