It has been a very busy few weeks in the Art Department with the start of new topics and numerous trips.  Half of Year 8 visited The Hastings Contemporary for a tour and a printmaking workshop; the other half had been to the same gallery during the Summer term.

Potential art scholars then went to Eastbourne College for an Arts Taster Day, where they created beautiful Grayson Perry inspired houses.  The Year 7s then went to The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne to view the delights on offer, including an inspiring exhibition by David Nash (although a couple of our Eco Warriors did not like the idea of trees being cut down to make ‘Art’).  This was a very successful cross-curricular trip with the English department.

In fact, the natural world is an ongoing theme, especially with Eco Art taking place on Saturday mornings.  The aim is to use as many found materials as possible and to limit the use of plastic.  The Year 2 and 3 pupils have been helping to raise the profile of The Amazon Rainforest.  They have been creating rainmakers, immersing themselves in what it must feel like to be in the forest in order to create their artworks.

Year 4 have been getting to grips with the intricacies of colour theory.  They have looked at some of the science behind colour and the mind-blowing fact that colour does not exist but is just what we perceive.  A lot of puzzled faces and head scratching.

Year 5 pupils have been building up their skills set with mixed media and observational drawing, learning that if you understand your subject, then you can create a more successful outcome.  There have been a number of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when they discovered how different materials work with each other.

A cross-curricular topic link with the History department, looking at the Bayeux Tapestry this term for our Year 7.  Pupils practised editing visual information and changing the layout of an established artwork, whilst learning about visual imagery in times of conflict.  The next topic will be propaganda posters from WW2, combining print techniques.

Year 8 pupils are becoming product designers as they immerse themselves in real world skills and try to meet a specific need.  The new carousel allows pupils to combine their ideas from Art, DT and ICT to extend them further.

The overriding aim now is for all artists or designers to create artworks which are considerate of our environment, in terms of effective and ethical use of materials.