You may have seen this week that there has been an increased emphasis on social media and in the news about mental health issues.  This has been leading up to World Mental Health Day which was Thursday 10th October and Public Health England launched their Every Mind Matters Campaign on Monday 7th October.

At Vinehall we place a huge importance on mental health, both with the children and within our staff.  Pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 have lessons about healthy minds and learn how to develop strategies to deal with anxiety, depression and stress.  Children learn about boosting their wellbeing, having a good night’s sleep and keeping active as well as knowing that they can talk to people if they are feeling overwhelmed, worried, stressed or sad.  Our children are learning that these are normal feelings and that it is ok to talk about them.  On top of this they are given opportunities to be mindful in form times and Life Skills lessons.  Our staff too are given these opportunities and we discuss ways of managing work load, wellness action plans and getting a good night’s sleep.

This is all part of us being a Mentally Healthy School.  If you would like more information on anxiety, attachment, depression and how to support your child with these issues, please do let me know and I can provide you with information and support ( Alternatively there is a list of useful websites with fantastic information below.  We will be focusing on Children’s Mental Health during the Lent term (3-9th February) and we hope to have a guest speaker who can help the children and us as parents learn how to support our children.

Our Buddy Scheme is well under way this term now with our Year 8s and Year 6s reaching out to pupils in Years 5 and 3.  They all met, played games together and were then paired up.  The idea behind this is that they will spend at least one break time a week ‘hanging out’ with the Buddy and the older children being role models to the younger children.  Please ask your Year 3 and 5 child who their Buddy is!

We have more pastoral news to come after half term

Useful websites for Mental Health resources for parents: