Our Charity Committee met this week and brought with them a list of charities that had been put forward by their forms. The children understood that before we could get onto the fun activities that we can do to support these charities we must get to the nitty gritty of choosing the right charity. Choosing which charity to support throughout the year is a huge challenge for these pupils and we spent a long time talking about the work each charity does so that all members of the committee understood.

We then had a long serious debate!   We were able to choose four charities that we as a whole school community will support all year.  This means that we will not support one-days like Children in Need but will instead have our own charity days and the proceeds will be split four ways.  The children in the committee agreed to this.   We also liked the idea of each House being allocated a charity to support and I now have the job of sorting this out! It was even suggested that there could be a House Race to raise the most money for their house.  Watch this space!


The four chosen charities are:

Rwanda Aid, Hospice in the Weald, SUDC UK and Cancer Research.