Thursday was national Poetry Day and to mark this occasion not only did rhyme, rhythm and verse blossom in each lesson, but the finals of the Poetry by Heart Competition took place in the theatre.  Judged by actor Susan Bowie (please see Susan’s biography below as we were very fortunate to have such an esteemed actor visit the school), Mary Alderson and Dr Kossuth, the 16 finalists recited their poems with verve and vigour.

The theme this year was creatures and monsters and so we heard about Leviathan and Jabberwock, bears, moths, snails and bats, as well as Grendel and science experiments gone wrong.  Reaching a decision was truly difficult as all the pupils’ performances were so polished.  Mia G, Frankie F and Hannah W won in the Year 3 & 4 category with their rendition of ‘Herbaceous Plod’ by Michael Dugan.  In the Year 5 & 6 category Faris A came first with his recital of ‘Monsters Under the Bed’ by David Darbyshire.  The senior prize (Years 7 & 8) was hotly contested with many magnificent performances, making a choice even harder.  The recitation of an extract from Beowulf, the oldest epic in Old English (though the part performed was in a modern idiom), by Mary KB, Izzie S and Dexter B won by a narrow margin, but very deservedly.


For the full photo album of the performers and winners please click here 

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