Although every week is exciting in the English department, constantly travelling to different times and places and into other people’s minds, this one has been particularly eventful.

On Tuesday local bookseller Rosie Hill set up stall in the Drawing Room for our book fair.  Each year group had time to browse through the exciting collection of new books, both fact and fiction, and then select one or more books of their choice.  Those that made up their mind quickly had time to snuggle up onto the sofas and armchairs and start reading their new acquisitions.  The Vinehall library was also able to buy a number of intriguing books, financed through the commission the school receives through the sale of the books.  So a big thank you from the English department and the librarians to all parents who allowed their children to buy a book.

Thursday was national Poetry Day and to mark this occasion not only did rhyme, rhythm and verse blossom in each lesson, but the finals of the Poetry by Heart Competition took place in the theatre.  Judged by actor Susan Bowie, Mary Alderson and Dr Kossuth, the full article with full photo album can be found here (Video to be added shortly)

In addition to these highlights, lessons went on as usual with their exploration of language and literature.  For example, the three Year 8 sets all tackled Shakespeare in different ways: 8S took a magnifying glass (almost literally, but definitely literarily) to Queen Mab, 8H brewed witches’ stews and 8PB walked out Brutus’s indecision in the orchard.  The Year 7s have immersed themselves in Victoriana, producing recipes, scenes and dioramas as well as designing ‘Wanted’ posters for Edward Hyde.  The Year 6s have remained firmly in the Stone Age (though not with their spellings), following the fortunes of Torak as he and Wolf attempt to save the forest from a demon bear and producing chapter illustrations, top trump cards and dissection diagrams along the way.  Years 5 have been evacuated to the country to escape the Blitz as they try to figure out who is a friend and who is a foe while reading Michael Morpurgo’s eponymous novel, with some detailed work on how to describe feelings.  The Year 4s have been discovering about antiheroes and how they can still be heroes as they read about the antics of Horrible Henry, while the Year 3s have been revelling in anatopodoton and questioning what Mrs Cole might be like.

Dr Kornel Kossuth