This year, DT, ICT and Art are working together on integrated projects for Years 6, 7 and 8.

Starting this term with Year 8, the departments have joined forces to look at real world skills under the title, ‘Thinking Outside of the Box’.


During the Computing element of the term project the Year 8 pupils will design their box using 3D Max and will also be given an option to create a short animation demonstrating their box in use.

During the process of designing “Think Outside of the Box” the Year 8 pupils are being taught how to use 3D Max to create high-end stunning 3D boxes with design visualisation. Pupils will be introduced to a range of new features in 3D design, such as Standard Primitives, Modifiers, Maps and Rendering.  They will be examining viewports for accurate and detailed preview while they work handling difficult tasks with ease.


The Design and planning stages of producing a finished product have been given extra emphasis in this term’s project.  Aided by the expert advice and examples of Jasper Morrison (Vine and Product Designer), close attention has been put on the processes from researching and developing ideas to sketching, 2D and 3D drawings and model making, before work on the product itself can begin.

Scale, proportion, aesthetics, quality and function have been considered throughout the process and a variety of materials and techniques will be made available, according to each individual design, as the term progresses.


When is a box not just a box? When it has a number of uses.  The Art department have been looking at the function of the box throughout history.  An array of different boxes have been deployed for a variety of uses including salt boxes, tea caddies, jewellery boxes, boxes for religious artefacts and storage boxes for canal ware.  These have been made from a variety of materials such as wood, ceramics, papier mache and unfortunately plastic.

The pupils will be looking at surface texture and combining materials to create a rich and meaningful design using Modroc, papier mache, enamelling, photo transfer and pyrography.  Adding to this, they are thinking about the treatment for the inside of the box.