Battle Abbey School had the genius idea of setting an eco-design challenge.  The ‘Sustainable Us’ art competition was held for the first time this year and is set to be a regular event at the school.

The standard was very high and our pupils’ work stood up well against the competition. The atmosphere was tense but also friendly.

Izzie S and Margot F exhibited their beautiful hat which was embellished with origami lilies. Enrui Z and Curtis Y exhibited their medieval inspired tunics made from leather scraps, recycled carpet underlay and old newspapers. Curtis explained his eco message to the judges, which sounded impressive and worthy. Millena D created a gown from old t-shirts and Francesca F made a pair of newspaper earrings: they also made it through to the final but were unable to attend due to other commitments. Their work could speak for itself.

Alas, we did not win anything, but it did not matter as the experience was greater than any prize.

Thank you to the Battle Abbey School staff for holding such an event.  It was very inspiring!


Tracey Konyu