To celebrate the end of our 80th Anniversary Year Vinehall came together to bury a time capsule in our wonderful grounds. We were delighted to be joined by Richard Tilden Smith, a Vine whose Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather had built the school.

Collated by Liz Powis, the capsule contained images, thoughts and memorabilia provided by the children and staff. Headmaster Joff Powis said a few words before one of our youngest children (Amelia, who was celebrating her birthday) helped to put the capsule into the hole before the Head Boy and Head Girl started the burial.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the event, with many speculating about who will be here in 80 years when the capsule will be unearthed.

Thoughts from the Headmaster, Joff Powis, on 2nd July 2019

Vinehall is a school that has never stood still. Physically, we are unrecognisable from the school founded 80 years ago, and I imagine we will be unrecognisable again in 80 years’ time. However, I hope that much of the spirit of Vinehall in 2019 will still be alive and flourishing in 2099. A school where the happiness of the children comes first. A school where children can be children. A school that teaches children to recognise that investing in people is central to fulfilment, success and well-being. A school where the ‘spark’ of young children is celebrated rather than smothered. A school that encourages tolerance between all nationalities, faiths and differing personalities. A school that values tradition but which continues to evolve to remain in tune with the world outside, into which our children will fly. A school where the academic, the actor, the artist, the engineer, the designer, the programmer, the musician and the sportsperson are genuinely valued in equal measure. A school that selects on character rather than ability and where kindness to others is valued above all else. A school that recognises that being a child is a magical time of life and that education should be fun. Finally, a school that I hope children will always look back on with the fondest of memories.