On Tuesday 25th June two teams of four Year 7 boys went to Battle Abbey’s inaugural Latin Tournament.  There were a mixture of activities, all of them challenging, which included: a team vocabulary relay, an individual spelling bee, a poster competition, a Classical Civilisation quiz, and translation and comprehension exercises.  How can these be competitive?  Apart from getting them right, tactics were involved: to attempt as many as possible but risk losing points; or, to concentrate on attempting fewer, better, for more points! The quiz, previously announced to give teams some preparation time, was on Chariot Racing – very exciting. The poster was an interpretation of the Roman Underworld. Quality varied!

Staff were assigned to supervise a team different from their own, so all was fair and seen to be so. The Headmaster, Mr Clark, made the point that, as we were not just in the school Library but what had for centuries been a monastery, how appropriate that a competition of this sort was being held!

Although the eventual winners were Battle Abbey and Yardley Court, who were awarded medals and the trophy to keep for a year, all competitors were presented with smart certificates, inscribed in Latin, which thanked them for their participation and efforts in the contest. Floreat certamen!