Year 5 had an inspiring day at The Big Bang Fair in Ardingly on Thursday 27th June 2019.  The fair focuses on development and new technology in STEM and how it can be used to solve real world problems. The children were able to get hands-on with over 180 different workshops and activities, from Virtual diggers to Crime investigation. We started our day by attending the Lego Education show;  Seren W went on stage to try out the Lego robotic hand, and she had to work with another child to create a Duplo tower. All of the children were then asked to dance like robots; Lorcan G and Miss Roberts went on stage to have a dance off with the other schools. We then had many different areas to explore around the showground and the children had the freedom to explore those activities that they found most interesting.

All of the children were keen to have a go on the Virtual Reality headsets; there were plenty to try, from exploring building designs to standing on the edge of a battle ship. Some of the children’s favourite activities were the slime speakers, periodic table cards and drone flying using their hands as the control. The construction tent encouraged the children to see how engineers can use technology within their jobs and the children had a go at building a marshmallow and spaghetti tower. McLaren offered the children a chance to sit in the single-seat racers to their high performance cars; we then looked inside the engine and learnt about the different parts. Some of the children tried a racing helmet and saw how tricky it was to use the F1 steering wheel.

The activity zone encouraged the children to learn about a different geographical area at each stage to help answer a range of questions.  All of the children enjoyed using the sound bite which demonstrated the residual vibrations between metal and plastic when compressed, using your mouth as a speaker.

The children had a fantastic time and came away with many new interests and ideas; hopefully they will continue to foster these passions!

Louisa Bennett