The well-anticipated trip had finally come,

The long drive to Cornwall had begun.

A week of adventure and activity fun

Regardless of weather, come rain or sun.


Monday came, down to the coast we go,

Jumping into the sea from high to low.

Surfboards out, time to go catch a wave

Baywatch on standby, ready to save.


Tuesday’s trip, Eden Project to explore,

Surrounded by plants and flowers galore.

From Rainforest to Med, we was allowed to roam,

All in the name of science, but under some domes.

To bowling we went, as if we had not done enough,

But, as competitive as ever, the competition was tough.


Wednesday down to Hangloose for a thrill,

The gravity giant swing gave us a chill.

Is it a bird or is it a plane?

No, it is a Year 8 zip lining over Eden project time and time again.

Abseiling, climbing, the drop and air bag, we were extreme!

However, just like the skytrek, we smashed it all as a team.


Thursday’s trip to Adrenalin Quarry Aqua Water Park;

We changed quickly, eyes widened, this ignited a joyous spark.

Running, jumping wild and free,

It came clear what Year 8’s intentions would be.

Circling the teachers, reduced to a plea,

They fought hard, but succumbed and what will be will be.


Later that day out came the sun,

So a walk to the beach for some final fun.

Then it was time to go and pack

And for the final night, we hit the sack.


Friday came and it was time to leave.

What a week we have had and all we achieved.

Much to be thankful for, from all the activities planned,

To eating excellent food all week, cooked by Miss Newcomb’s hand.

Not forgetting the little extras in between –

From singing rehearsals to Cornish pasties, we were living the dream.

Memories made, we head home for a rest,

There is no dispute, this trip was the best.


The Year 8s were absolutely fantastic on this trip and they were very good company.

Laura Percy-White

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