Well, it was meant to be a quiet week but it was far from that!

On Wednesday afternoon 14 Year 2s joined me and Mrs Konyu in the art room to make ‘Mandrakes’, a scary looking thing that sits in a flower pot. Brilliant Mrs K had prepared air dry clay, degradable flower pots, string and straw. The children got stuck in and made some fantastic replicas of Mandrakes.

After a cup cake and juice we joined the Year 3s and Year 4s in the dining room for wand making. These were cleverly made from sticks, feathers and string.

36 Year 3s and 4s then went into the Front Hall (Hogwarts) via platform 9¾ to be treated to a wonderful feast. The kitchen staff, Marion, Jane and Helen, did a wonderful job of decorating the hall and producing lots of themed goodies for us.

After supper the children got into PJs and settled down to watch ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone’. We gave them pots of popcorn and chocolate frogs!

They were very good at going to bed and settling down and I think the house was quiet by 9.30pm. However, there was great excitement at 5.45am on Thursday morning, so they must have been tired after Legoland.

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