What a fantastically different sort of a week we have enjoyed in Years 3 and 4! Having had a fairly normal morning of some English and Maths, followed by games before lunch, on Monday we all split into groups (Owls, Mice and Hedgehogs) and had a fabulous afternoon doing activities linked to languages. This involved playing ‘Grandmother’s Footsteps’ in Deutsch and some really ‘genki’ Japanese songs which went down a treat – Mrs Payne was a wonder at this and Mrs E now wants to go to Japan!  

Tuesday was just as much ‘genki’ fun; the children all weighed and measured the ingredients for cupcakes and made their own which they then decorated. There were drama games on a woodlands theme with Mrs Alderson and Mrs E was very impressed with the huge variety of self-portraits the children created in art – how true are Picasso’s words that every child is an artist!  

The heavens opened on Wednesday but this did not dampen our spirits at all, although we had to adapt the activities a little.  The groups were mixed once more, into Hufflepuff and Slitherin! Two activities in the afternoon kept everyone busy as the excitement for the Harry Potter boarding night rose to a climax! Having collected twigs in the morning for ‘spines’, there were soon lots of little clay hedgehogs scuttling around and we heard some lovely reminiscing of stories that the children had composed way back at the start of the Prep School, based on Dick King Smith’s ‘The Hodgeheg’. In the swimming pool everyone had a chance to burn off some excess energy as Mr Guy and the sports staff organised some fun races. Then it was off to join Year 2 and Mrs Konyu and Mrs Coles – please see Mrs Coles’ report! 

Thrilling Thursday dawned early and, after a surprisingly good night’s sleep (!), we all set off for Legoland. What a brilliant day! You will have to ask your children which part of this they liked best! 

Still eager for more, Friday gave our kiddiwinks the opportunity for some DT, music and art jollification!