Following the preliminary qualifying round earlier this year, Derek Guy was delighted to receive confirmation that 17 members of the Vinehall Swim Squad were through to the IAPS National Swimming Finals, held this year at the Olympic Pool Stratford.

A long and busy day of swimming took place, with many competitors going through the heats and qualifying for the finals.

In the end, the final results were:

Lucas M – fifth in the U12 freestyle
Bertie T – ninth in the U11 front crawl
Freddie L – twelfth in the U12 backstroke
Willow G – seventeenth in the U10 freestyle
Freda H – nineteenth in the U13 freestyle
Royce K – twentieth in the U13 breaststroke


Boys sixth in the U12 freestyle (Gryff W, Thomas S, Lucas M, George S)

Boys ninth in the U12 medley (Freddie L, Zuriel N, Lucas M, George S)

Girls seventeenth in the U12 freestyle (Freda H, Matilda G, Charlotte W, Mary KB)

Boys nineteenth in the U10 medley (Finlay D, Faris A, Arthur P, Lorcan G)

Boys twenty-first in the U10 freestyle (Finlay D, Faris A, Arthur P, Lorcan G)

Many congratulations to all our super swimmers.