On Tuesday Year 3, accompanied by Alice Roberts and Carina Everist, visited the county town of Lewes.  The morning began in the castle’s education room, when Ali and Lynn from the museum introduced us to the idea of just how long ago the Stone Age actually was, using clever visual aids and a very, very long roll of tape!  After that, our problem-solving skills came to the fore as we had to work out which real Stone Age tools were the same as those we use nowadays.  Everyone handled the tools with some awe when they were told these were not replicas. Next we walked down to the museum where Ali told us a story about hunter-gatherers and farming.

After a busy morning and a picnic lunch, Mrs E told the children that if they put their coats on then the bucketing rain would stop … and, lo and behold, it did!  Feeling intrepid, we all climbed the spiral staircases up to the top of both towers of the castle, stopping off for a little light dressing up on the way. We learnt about the Battle of Lewes in 1264 and that the castle was built a year or so after 1066; then we looked out to Mount Caburn, which Year 4 visited earlier this year, and spotted chalk and flint.  A quick game of ‘It’ at the top of the second tower recharged our batteries!  Back in the museum the children were very interested to watch a film showing the history of Lewes; this was shown in a room with a big model of the town in front of the screen.  Our final activity of the day was popular too; we puzzled over quiz sheets to find out more about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age.  This was a super outing and I would recommend a second trip to all Year 3 families and friends in the future!  Thank you to Miss Roberts for accompanying us – we hope she had as much fun as we all did!

Carina Everist