We recently received a surprise visitor who flew in and landed in the Front Hall!  It was Whistler, an owl friend of Hedwig from Harry Potter Land.  He had come to deliver invitations for a night of Harry Potter magic on the 12th June to be held here in our own grounds.  Years 3 and 4 listened carefully to the owl handler as she gave us some interesting information about owls.  Then ‘Mrs Coleus’ (aka Mrs Coles) handed out the invitations Whistler had brought and much excitement ensued.

On Thursday, after break, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Everist took all the Juniors up to the boarding house for a good look round.  Mr and Mrs Coles were there as well. We are all hoping that most of the children will take advantage of this adventure, especially as they will have the whole of the boarding house to themselves as the rest of the children will be on residential trips that night.  We will both be staying too.  What fun – can’t wait – we are so lucky at Vinehall.

Mrs Everist and Mrs Barrett