Reception invited us over to visit their Dinosaur Museum as it links with the Year 3 Learning Journey topic ‘In the beginning’.

But … Where did Reception go?

As Year 3 walked into their classroom they were met with named displays and instructions to “push the button”.

Year 3 did and were amazed that up popped dinosaurs who proceeded to explain to the Year 3 children what they were called, what they looked like, what they ate and where they lived before disappearing from sight.

Once we had heard from all of the dinosaurs we waited for Reception to return before heading out to view their dinosaur exhibition in the grounds.

It was a magnificent feat of hard work and preparation from Reception and Mrs Parkin. Mrs Everist was very impressed with the consideration (theme of the week!) that Year 3 showed to the younger ones who, disguised by clever masks, spoke so confidently about the different dinosaurs.