Saturday was a perfect day for revision – we did intermittent revision slots between playing outside and swimming and managed to miss the rain.

The children were very good at settling down to prep and revision; a few commented that it is so much easier when everyone has to do the same thing.  I recently did a questionnaire for boarders and day children about boarding; when asked what he liked about boarding, one boy said ‘I like revision sessions because they are useful’!  I think every other boarder said they loved going outside and only one boarder wanted more screen time – nice healthy answers!

Our V12 and V24 service is extremely useful for parents wishing to ease the revision load. Please do email to book your child in.

Our tuck shop had been replenished so the children took even longer to choose their allotted quota of sweets!  They then settled down for a movie and a good night’s sleep.

After a lovely breakfast, we headed off to the dreaded Bluewater and the children were very excited.  We took some of our weekly and temp boarders along too.  Although it was a sunny day and we really should have been enjoying Vinehall’s stunning grounds, the roads and Bluewater were pleasantly empty.  So, after four hours of shopping, the children declared they’d had enough and we were able to get home with enough time to enjoy a few hours playing outside.

The children have continued to be really good this week about settling down to extra prep for revision after supper and then have had a lovely hour or so playing outside on bikes, playing tennis or simply running around.

We’ve got another hot favourite trip on Sunday, which I will tell you about next week!