Year 4 welcomed some unusual visitors to the De Beer block this week – two lambs! Mr D (father of Rosie, 4P) very kindly brought in the young lambs and introduced them to us.  The lambs were surprisingly tame and lots of the children enjoyed holding them and watching them as they explored their new surroundings (Mrs Platt’s classroom and the Melon Garden).

The smaller lamb has already been named Tinkerbell but the larger lamb (a male) is only two and a half weeks old and as yet nameless!  One of the challenges set by Mrs Platt in English class afterwards was to name the male lamb.  Names suggested by pupils included “Ramalamb” (Albie G), “Toffee” (Rosie D and Matilda S) and “Foghorn” (Max E); Foghorn seems a particularly appropriate name for this lamb which can bleat for Britain!

Many thanks to Mr D for bringing the lambs in and giving the children this fantastic experience.