“A garden should be natural-seeming, with wild sections, including a large area of bluebells.” So writes Dianna Wynne Jones in her novel, “Wizard’s castle”.  At Vinehall, in the woods on the edge of our grounds, we are lucky to have beautiful bluebell woods in bloom right now. Year 4 have been exploring the bluebell woods intrepidly this week.

This formed the inspiration for some fantastic poetry (see extracts below) where pupils reflected about what they could see, hear, feel and touch.


Bluebells form a delicate carpet

Lightly swaying in the breeze

Under the beautiful beech trees

Elegant flowers drooping slowly … (Charlie P)


Bluebells are tiny, delicate and sweet

Little in size, gorgeous in nature

Under my big fat clumpety feet.

Everlasting, sadly not

Beautiful scent wafting up to me

Even on windy days … (Lucy P)


Everywhere I see little bluebells

Bluebells lightly swaying in the breeze

Every bluebell is special

Little bluebells – sorry I stood on you … (Harriet W)


I could see thousands of bright blue

Bluebells … they smelt like perfume.

I was surrounded in bluebells

I loved every moment of being there

It felt amazing

They were so small,

Smaller than a new-born baby. (Sebastian B)