The Theatre was packed on Tuesday for a fabulous evening of fun.  The Year 3&4 pupils excelled themselves in their lively, colourful and slick performance of the hysterical western ‘Ye Ha!’

Elizabeth H was great as the heroine of the exciting story of how Splodge City overcame the evil Mayor Tex Truman (James L) and his useless side-kick Dimples (Hannah Q) in their search for power and riches.  Lucy P (Chip) guided us through the story with great skill.  Charlie P was the wonderfully hilarious pantomime dame, Ma Annie Hubbard, fussing over her son, the reluctant sheriff and would-be chef Wilbur (Albie G).  Sophia D was the superb scary baddie, Howling Mad Dog McNut, with his troop of No-Good Outlaws (3E) led by Bronco Bill (Milo P).  The two old-timers Seth (Matilda S) and Amos (Connie M) made me laugh at every rehearsal and Sebastian B and Rafe P were most entertaining as crazy Dr Spooner and his long-suffering companion Rooster.  We had beautiful saloon girls in Elizabeth O and Maisie G, horribly funny undertakers in Zain J (Philius Snuffit) and Harriet W (Festus Rott), charming towns children in Rosie D and Max E and a magnificent Lightnin’ the Horse in Ethan S.  Harriet W did a quick change to lead the tribe of Two-Stroke Indians (3H) with aplomb.  Mrs Platt even made an appearance as the horrible schoolteacher Miss Bracegirdle, armed with a cane.

All the pupils have worked so hard to learn the songs, dances and lines; they have been supported by their class teachers (Louise Hawtin, Carina Everist, Louise Barrett and Emily Platt), the enormously talented musical genius of Lucinda Sheppard and the amazing group of parents who created the beautiful costumes, painted the scenery and collected a wealth of props.  It was a great team effort and I hope the children enjoyed it as much as we did!

Mary Alderson

Photos are available on the parents media page