Tuesday afternoon was all about the FUN for charity, where 36 pupils pulled out all the stops to entertain the rest of the school in return for charitable donations.  Henry L and Charlie P started proceeding off as our Charismatic Comperes and introduced our popular judges Mary Alderson and Carina Everist.  The first act were the sweet singing girl band ‘The Roaches’ (Honor F, Honor G, Delilah G, Chaya L), followed by the most atmospheric solo performance on the piano by Camilla B.  A spellbinding magician (aka Sam H) was next and he was accompanied by groan-worthy jokes (our new comic talent Oliver S)!  Billy M gave a memorable M&M monologue, while our delightful dance duo (Daisy F and Francesca F) gave a contemporary and rhythmic display.  Year 5 girls (Molly P, May A, Imogen W and Polly S) were joined by Year 7 helpers to create the Most-True-to-Life (honest!) ‘Behind the Staffroom Door’ sketch, where pupils really got to see what happens at break time.  Sue Glossop was a perfect cameo!  We had some Fab Flute-ing from Clara F, some Brilliant Boogeying Banana Bongos (many Year 7 boys) and a sleepy slumber song from Elizabeth G.  Our Luminous Lovely Lights (Sofia E, Olivia H and Otti G) danced beautifully and then the Happiest Hippos (Year 8 boys in Lycra and tutus) came jumping onto the stage much to everyone’s delight!  The show finished with Maximum Capacity (Leo A, Mary KB and Joe P) and, whilst the technology let us down, it certainly didn’t dampen the mood.

Phew!  I’m exhausted just writing about it – so much fun was had and the money is still being counted.  Many thanks to Tom Moore for all the technical help and all the children who made it fantastic.  Watch this space to see how much was raised!  All money will be split between the children’s three chosen charities.

Louise Payne