It has been a sensational few weeks in Year 5 STEM as the pupils have been looking at building Geodesic domes. What started off as a small project of measuring, drawing, cutting and sticking small 5cm equilateral and isosceles triangles, grew into a huge challenge about accuracy and resilience. All the children worked incredibly hard and had the opportunity, like all good engineers, to reflect on their projects and adapt their work, because some of the pieces didn’t fit or because they hadn’t constructed the elements accurately.
To end the term and the project 5A and 5G, with the help of Mr Gregory, constructed a dome on a grander scale. Using the larger, teaching protractors and meter rules the children were able to draw out 30 isosceles and 10 equilateral triangles with a base 30cm. The enthusiasm and energy from the children was infectious and drove us all on to get the project finished.
The final dome and the smaller models can be seen in the Front Hall. I am really proud of the children for being so enthused and for their collaboration.