How many litres of milk does a cow produce a day?  50!  This was one of the many facts Year 1 learnt on their amazing day at Plumpton Agricultural College.  The children started the day by visiting the calf shed and looking at the different stages of a cow’s life.  From there we made our way to the milking parlour and the children found out about milk production.  The cows are milked twice a day and some of the cow’s milk is used to produce products like cheese and butter for the students at Plumpton College.

A highlight of the day was visiting the lambing shed and we were lucky enough to see a lamb being born.  The little lamb took only a couple of minutes to stand up on his four fragile legs and begin to walk; however the process was not yet over for the ewe as she had another lamb on the way.  Unfortunately, we had to go to lunch before the second lamb was born and, as the ewe was a first time mother, we were told it may take a very long time.  The children also had the opportunity to stroke and feed two baby lambs, which they all found exciting; I think we may have some budding young shepherds in the making!

After lunch we learnt all about sheep’s wool and how it is used to make clothing and other things around our homes.  We found out that sheep’s wool has an oil called Lanolin, which helps rain run off the sheep’s woollen coat.  The children watched as the adults tried to card the fresh wool; as the spikes can be quite sharp, the children could not have a go but Mrs Ruddle and Miss Sander definitely enjoyed this activity!

Louisa Bennett