Year 5 were very lucky to have a visit from Leo’s mummy, who is a pilot, after Clara F asked the question ‘How do planes fly?’  Pupils have been learning about forces.  Mrs F gave us a lovely presentation and was very impressed with the children’s questions.  She also had her hat and jacket which a few children tried on.   She then joined us for our final parachute drop to see whose parachute would take the longest to float back down to earth.  The children have worked on this for a number of weeks to make the best possible parachute, changing variables and testing its drop speed three times to get an average.  Grace W and Molly P had the winning parachute, taking 6.2s to glide from the upstairs library to the downstairs.  Well done girls!

We then went outside and dropped the parachutes with eggs!  Great fun and we did have a few eggs that survived.

Great investigation Year 5 and a big thank you to Mrs F.

Louise Barrett