Year 8 pupils headed off to London early on Thursday to get some first-hand experience of urban planning to support their studies in class about sustainable cities.

Our first stop was to see the O2 to discuss brownfield development sites and how a venue such as the O2 can be a catalyst for further development.

A ‘flight’ on the Emirates cable car offered us fantastic views of Canary Wharf and docklands development en route to The Crystal, a £28m exhibition centre funded by Siemens about sustainable futures for our cities.

Lunch in the sunshine fuelled us for a walk to the Greenwich Millennium Village to see ‘up close and personal’ our case-study for an urban development project with sustainability in its planning. This was followed by a gentle stroll (!) along the Thames to see the remarkable Thames Barrier.  A full and fun-packed day of geography enjoyed by all.

Nick Butcher