Write up on the Year 8 Trip to Canterbury Cathedral

On 4th February 2019 Year 8 went to visit Canterbury Cathedral; we left at 8.25am to board the school buses and, after a quick head-count, we were off to Kent. The main purpose of the trip was to help our studies on our research topic, the murder of Thomas Becket. Since we had already covered the murder, all we needed to do was see the crime scene and historic monument for ourselves.

Once we had reached our destination we walked to the Cathedral and then we met our tour guide, Colin. Although it was raining, there was enough sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows to inspire us all. Stories from the New and Old Testament were portrayed beautifully, with royal figures and saints looking down upon the vast Romanesque and Gothic looking arches.

We started our tour in the Nave, where Colin explained to us about how the cathedral had grown and evolved over the years and through the disasters it had endured.

We then moved through the Quire, discussing briefly the actual purpose and history of it before passing the Trinity Chapel, where the modern stained-glass windows showed that Jesus accepted all children and a happy mixed race couple were joyfully welcoming their children from prison with open arms.

They were modern because some windows had been destroyed when a house fire nearby had spread to the wooden beams in the roof, destroying the roof and most of the interior cathedral.

Next, we went outside the entrance to the crypt to see the modern sculpture made to show the four swords of the knights; there were two swords hanging above where Thomas Becket was struck down and killed, and their shadows were supposed to be the other two swords. The Crypt was where people went mainly to kneel and worship because it was a quiet place and there was a statue of Jesus there.

After that we went on a brief tour of King’s Canterbury school and then went to a memorial and then finally to lunch.

Overall the trip was very efficient and helped our understanding of the layout of the cathedral and the conditions which Thomas Becket actually experienced.

Betty M, Year 8