On Thursday Maz from the Self-Esteem team came to speak to our Year 7 and 8 children. She was fun, pretty cool (well, Mrs Payne thought she was!) and, as one of our Year 8s said, “very engaging”.  In fact Mrs P has already received emails from parents to say how much their children enjoyed the workshops; so thank you Maz!

The topic of the first workshop for each year group was ‘Self-Esteem’ and Maz talked the children through scenarios which made them think about the labels they give each other and themselves.  She used actual labels that the children stuck on her and Maz showed how they can choose to accept those labels and let them ‘stick’ or they could throw them away.  She encouraged them to accept compliments given to them and to compliment each other.

The second workshop was on how to deal with exam stress and how to revise effectively. Maz showed the children different techniques and gave examples of how to use CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help remember facts.  The children learned that actually the best motivators are intrinsic not extrinsic and even talked about the caveman brain!

It was such a shame to cancel the parents talk but we will try and get her back again in the Summer term.

Louise Payne