This term has seen the launch of our new-look Life Skills lessons.  We covered children’s rights and responsibilities, Parliament, differences, self-esteem and peer pressure.  Year 6 have given wonderful presentations on inspirational Paralympians; Year 4 have understood what makes them special and unique; and Year 5 have been considering how to treat each other with respect and care.

A new addition to Life Skills lessons is the Theology, Philosophy and Religion element for Years 7 and 8.  In these lessons we have been considering serious questions that affect the world we live in and the way we relate to each other.  Year 7 gave presentations about how different religions define what is right and wrong and considered the question “What is conscience?”  Year 8 looked into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how these fit with different religions.  More recently we have looked in both years at our identities; how these are shaped by our cultures, families, religions and peers.  Year 8 have talked about socialisation and the portrayal of religion in the media. Year 7 worked out whether they are dualists or physicalists!  Both year groups have looked into peer pressure and learned tools to boost their self-esteem.

It’s been a full term and an exciting start to our new curriculum.  It has been great to think outside the box with Years 7 and 8.  Thank you to all the pupils for their hard work and many interesting discussions!

Louise Payne