There were sad goodbyes for Vinehall head of English, Mrs Gearey from her Paxton House.

However three cheers were given to her by her Year 5 form class.


An excerpt from “Ode to Debbie Gearey” on the very sad occasion of her Departure from Vinehall School, 14th December 2018 


It’s a dreadful day for Vinehall, 

And it’s an awful day for me, 

Cos we have to say farewell 

To our beloved Debbie G. 


The parents all admire her, 

The pupils think she’s cool; 

She’s the sort of glowing teacher 

That makes this Vinehall School. 


We’ll miss her little smiley face, 

The twinkle in her eye. 

So let’s hope it’s only ‘au revoir’, 

And not a real goodbye.