This half of term has flown by and the time to say goodbye to Mrs Richardson has come all too quickly.  Friday’s Pre-Prep assembly was an emotional affair and the Year 2 children did brilliantly with their presentation of Mrs Richardson’s time here at Vinehall and it was wonderful to see so many parents in attendance, especially those who had themselves been taught by Mrs Richardson.

Throughout the day many children and staff tried to find the words to say goodbye and thank you, but it is almost impossible to express the immense gratitude we all feel for the dedication and hard work that Mrs Richardson has put into Vinehall in her 34 years of service.  She has inspired and nurtured so many children (and staff!) and it is testament to her great work that so many of her former pupils have in turn entrusted their own children to her care here in Pre-Prep.

Vinehall will not be the same without her, but Mrs Richardson has always embraced change and so we will do the same and we know that Miss Bidwell will take over the reins with energy and enthusiasm, backed by the passion and commitment of the whole team in Pre-Prep.   We also have no doubt that Mrs Richardson will be a frequent visitor to Pre-Prep and we hope she calls in regularly (with her puppy!) when she has time to take a break from her house renovation, gardening, golf and all the other exciting projects we know she has planned!

Our Year 2 girls spent some time considering what makes Mrs Richardson so special.