Tuesday seemed like a beautiful day to go up to London so Paul Borrows, Henry Arnold and I took Year 8 to the Houses of Parliament for the day!  It’s always a huge shame that it takes us so long on a bus but when we finally got there we ate our lunch by the Thames in the sun and were shown into the Education Centre.  Mr Borrows and Mr Arnold, each with a tour guide, spent over an hour being shown the Houses of Commons and Lords and the Great Hall etc.  They learned more about the history of the buildings and the laws made there.  It would seem our Year 8s had plenty to share of their own knowledge of Parliament and how to make laws (much to my relief!) and they provided sensible comments and questions.

After the tour we took part in a workshop about Political Campaigns and the children watched a 360 degree video about women winning the vote in 1918.  Our local MP, Huw Merriman, joined us for a 25-minute question and answer session where our pupils needed no help at all in asking him direct questions about Brexit and Theresa May!

We finished our time in London with Mr Borrows leading us on a walk up to Buckingham Palace through the park.  Thank you to the whole of Year 8 who behaved so well and made the day a very easy and enjoyable trip.  You were stars – all of you!  A big thank you too to Mr Borrows and Mr Arnold for lugging all our food around and looking after us.

Louise Payne