Last Tuesday, seven Vinehall pupils set off to Benenden School for a String Orchestra day.  When we arrived we were greeted by Mr Whiting and Mrs Lewis – who was Mrs Sheppard’s piano teacher when she was at Benenden!  We were immediately sorted into four parts and started work on a Brahms Theme and Viva La Vida by Coldplay.  After a short break we went into separate rooms for sectional, so there was no hiding now!

We had a delicious lunch in the café and saw a few Vines.  Then onto their astro, where we played a sort of Tag Rugby, roll-ball and ‘capture the Lacrosse stick’.

The Benenden Chamber strings played Palladio by Karl Jenkins, which we wished we could have played too as we had performed this last year in Dectet.  However, it was lovely to hear and see their interpretation.  At the end, parents joined us for a short recital of the day’s work.  It was a wonderful and amazing day and we loved the pieces we played. Thank you Mrs Sheppard for taking us.

Clemmie D, Seren W, Oliver S, Rupert S, Ludo G, Isabelle H and Isabel T