Most people would agree that writing is difficult and writing to order can be even more challenging. Factor in a Monday morning in unfamiliar surroundings, with a sea of new faces, and you’ll quickly appreciate the considerable task facing our six intrepid Year 6 pupils who took part in a Writers’ Workshop hosted by Marlborough House School on Monday.  Delilah G, Clemmie D, Bertie T, Honor F, Sophie P and Matilda G met with other aspiring scribes for a day of creative writing led by Colin Parsons, a children’s sci-fi author.

After a long ‘getting to know you’ session, the children were tasked with creating an extended piece of writing based on the author’s own story premise of a fantasy future world.  Although it was sometimes rather difficult to concentrate owing to Colin’s frequent anecdotal interventions, the children worked very hard and all produced something to contribute to the plenary read-through session at the end of the afternoon.

Whether this was anyone’s finest hour of creative writing is certainly debatable, but as a lesson in how we all need peace and quiet in order to write with focus and integrity, it was a resounding success.