A selection of our senior artists embarked on a fantastic day of creativity, set in Eastbourne. The first stop was a delicious lunch at Eastbourne College where Vinehall pupils met Jayne Harriott, the Head of Art. We were given a tour of their excellent facilities and bumped into a few familiar faces from previous years. Oliver B seemed to know everyone.

Before their art session, the pupils were invited to tour the Towner Gallery, visiting the store rooms and also experiencing the practicalities of setting up an exhibition. We visited the ‘Altitude’ exhibition and the pupils were very keen on the installation pieces. There were also lots of questions about different techniques and new ideas to take back to school.

Fed and watered and full of new ideas, the pupils then embarked on their ceramics session. Their mission…to create a gargoyle from clay. Directed by Jayne Harriott, our pupils completed their mission to a very high standard. Well done and you looked extremely smart in your new blazers.