Year 5 went to Camp in Bodiam for 3 days last week, where we had an exciting time and did everything from six mile walks to soaking Mrs Sheppard and Mr Arnold in a water fight.


After setting up our tents on the first day (which took quite a long time) we played around until supper and then sang camp fire songs while toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.


Then it was day two, and everyone knew what was coming – the dreaded walk! We each had to take turns in steering the rest of the group in the right direction using a map and compass. After two long hours, we arrived at the Lime Wharf CafĂ© before boarding a boat which took us back down the river to our camp. Of course, we then had to have a massive water fight before settling into rehearsals for the Talent Show. All the acts were very good, but The Elks tribe were the winners with their little play about an Indian tribe.


The suddenly it was our final day and we had to pack up the tents, tidy the site and gobble down our breakfast of Frosties and bacon sandwiches. We had a wonderful three days at camp and I would like to thank Mrs Sheppard, Mr Gilsenan, Mr Arnold, Ms Newcomb and Rob the chef.

Olivia S, Year 5.