We all had an amazing time at Marwell Activity Centre last week, doing masses of activities ranging from quad-biking to climbing to the top of the gladiator challenge wall- and plenty of others as well.


When we arrived at the Centre we were allocated tents, then swiftly whisked off to supper in the bistro followed by a lively quiz in the soft play area. Shortly after that we were told to go to bed – but of course that didn’t really happen!


The next day, fuelled by a full English breakfast, we set off for four different activities; the first of which was the famous Giant Swing.  This involves being levered up to a tremendous height before being released without warning to swoop down and out over fences and fields.  Unfortunately, our instructor tricked us by shouting, ‘Your helmets are loose’ just before letting go, which caused a major panic!


Each day was jam-packed with activities and, if there was any spare time left, we spent it either eating or playing football outside our tents.  There was never a moment where we weren’t busy so the four days flashed by incredibly quickly. After a short stop off in Portsmouth on the way back to look around Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory, we returned to school exhausted but exhilarated by the trip.


Abridged from reports by various Yr 6 pupils.