Wow – what an amazing week we had. We came away with a gold medal in the U13 girls plate competition with Lucy B, Isabella F and Atalanta LB and a silver in the U11 plate competition with Francesca F, Olivia S and Daisy F which was absolutely fantastic.  Francesca came 3rd in her age group (she has only skied a few times) and Lucy B came first.  William F, Ben S and James W made up the third team and came 4th in their age group narrowly missing out on a medal. It was very nerve wracking, but they all did it and I was thrilled with all of their times.

There were a total of 249 children competing this year.  149 of them went into the Championship competition and 100 in the plate.  We managed to get 3 boys Jasper S, Monty D and George S as a team into the championship competition.  Which is amazing in itself.  This meant that they were competing against some children who have done a lot of racing and had a lot of race training (some even go to school in the Alps and ski for most of the year!).  It was quite a challenging course that started steeply.  All three children cleared the course well and with great times.  They were placed 17 overall out of 39 teams.  Pretty good I think!

Jasper S came 28th overall out of 249 children and 15th in his age group.  Extremely impressive for someone who has only raced once before!

The children were great company over the week.  They were helpful, encouraging and good fun to be with.

A big thank you to the parents as well, who were very supportive and ready with hot chocolates when we needed them.

I love the enthusiasm and the sense of achievement once we have done it.  The medals are just a bonus as the taking part is such great fun and pushes everyone out of their comfort zone which is a great life skill.