Following the cake sale earlier this term, David Chaplin, former head of Vinehall and founder of Rwanda Aid visited the school to collect the proceeds of the sale.

Sarah KB, Freddie O, Noah P, Ludo G, Connie S and Josie F presented Mr Chaplin with a cheque for the grand sum of £707.60.

Mr Chaplin expressed his thanks for their hard work in baking and selling the cakes and explained that the money would be sent to the street children project in Karembe, Rwanda.

This project aims to look after the children in the short term while locating their families. Every effort is then made to provide support for the reunited familes, including the purchase of land and animals to facilitate an income. The aim is to ensure that the children are able to return to school and education whilst remaining at home.

Pro Allis Optimum Agere, indeed!