Year 5 are learning about Judaism this term, and on Thursday afternoon they tried out a Seder meal during their RS lesson. The children have learnt how the Seder meal is eaten by the Jewish community every year to celebrate Passover.

Small quantities of symbolic foods are eaten to help them remember the story of how Moses led the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt. Most of the children were brave enough to try all the foods on offer, including hard-boiled egg (symbolising new life in the Promised Land), matzah (a form of unleavened bread – kindly provided by Francesca F), horse radish (to symbolise the bitterness of slavery in Egypt) and charoset, a mixture of apple and wine to remind them of the cement the slaves used when building for the Pharaoh.

Even those who didn’t like all of it agreed it was a fun way to spend an RS lesson!