Sometimes even the mighty are fallen, and this was definitely the case on Monday when Mr Whitehead was unwell and unable to take Year 6 on their highly anticipated trip to Hampton Court. However Mr Gilsenan and Mrs Gearey bravely stepped into the breach as our lively young historians ventured enthusiastically around the Royal Palace and Gardens.

Time was spent in the company of various Tudor personages, who, dressed in authentic costumes of the period, peppered the halls, corridors and State Apartments of this iconic and fascinating building. Tales of heartless beheadings, disturbing hauntings and feasts of eye-watering gluttony helped bring the Palace alive and made for a truly memorable visit.

Year 6 enjoyed a guided tour from a highly knowledgeable guide and a wonderful interactive workshop which showed them how to read history from both primary and secondary sources. Each child then had to give a presentation of their findings and sustain their point of view under stringent questioning from the workshop leader, dressed, of course, as Henry VIII.

The whole day was both enjoyable and informative for the children, although all would agree that Mr Whitehead’s presence was much missed!