During half term the Vinehall Equestrian team took part in the South Eastern Region Qualifiers.

This was a National Schools’ Equestrian Association event where Vinehall competed against a number of other teams including, Marlborough House, St Ronan’s,  Claremont, Claverham, Bedes and Skippers Hill.

The amazing results are as below. We are exceptionally proud of all that took part  with special mention going to two of our riders, James W and Grace W who had never competed in this type of event before.

The team and individual riders all qualified for the region finals in late November. 

Class 1 – 40cm X poles

Team 1st – Grace W, James W, Seren W, May A

Individual Placings:

1st May A- Rummie

2nd Seren W- Mr Bexx

3rd James W– Quincey

4th Grace W– Magic

Class 2 – 40/50cm

Team 1st – Grace W, James W, Seren W, May A

Individual Placing:

1st May A– Rummie

4th Seren W– Mr. Bexx

6th James W– Quincey


Class 3 – 60cm

Team 1st – Seren W, Oliver L, May A, Willow A

Individual Placing:

1st Willow A– Freddie

4th May A– Rummie

Class 4 – 60/70cm

Individual placing:

2nd Willow A- Freddie

4th Taw A– Solly

Class 5 – 75cm

Team 1st  – Oliver L, Taw A, Willow A

Individual Placing:

1st Willow A- Freddie

2nd Taw A- Solly

3rd Oliver L- Fred

On the 25th the team competed again in the points league and the results are as follows:

Class 1 – 65cm

Individual placing:

1st Taw A– Solly

Class 2 – 70cm

Individual placing:

4th Taw A– Solly

5th Willow A– Freddie

Class 3 – 80cm

Team  1st – Oliver L, Taw A, Oliver L

Individual placing:

4th Willow A

5th Taw A

Clear round – Oliver L and Polly