The year 8 Art Scholars were enthusiastic about the prospect of visiting Brighton Art Gallery and Museum. The venue did not disappoint.

We initially explored the Constable exhibition, drawing from the artworks and practising our ‘Rule of Thirds. The pupils were impressed by the amount of work completed by John Constable whilst in Brighton. The gallery staff gave the pupils an insight into the narrative of a painting and the pupils had to describe their favourite painting to their peers who then had to draw an image just based on a description. Very tricky!

After a quick lunch by the Pavilion, the pupils drew the building with a combination of timed studies.

If that was not enough, we revisited the Constable exhibition and viewed his craftsmanship once again in awe. The gallery attendants commented on the Vinehall School pupils, being ‘beautifully behaved’.

We spent the last section of the day, drawing the costume and puppets in one of the gallery’s permanent exhibitions with some good results. Lots of ideas for future projects.

Thank you to George for getting us back in time!