A trip to Bateman’s

B  for boating in Kipling’s pond, but none of year 3 F.I.P (Fell In Pond) as many of his guests did once!

A  for an abundance of curious questions, asked by all throughout the day

T  for taking turns to play Pooh Sticks on the bridge

 for everyone’s excitement in the minibus

M for the magical power of light which the water at the mill gave to Rudyard’s house long ago

A for all the children’s attention as they listened to the guides inside Kipling’s home

for a nice friendly visitor who recited ‘Elsie Why?’ for us as we sat by the pond

S for the sunshine and smiles as they smelt the roses, saw the chickens and explored the gardens

Thank you to Miss Bick and Mrs Walker for accompanying the year 3s with Mrs Everist on a memorable day out as part of our learning journey on the local area.