Year 8 braved the rain to visit English Heritage sites; Pevensey Castle and Battle Abbey as part of their History syllabus.

Mr Whitehead was in his element as he imparted his knowledge on their impressionable minds!

“Year 8 1066 Experience

I enjoyed my annual visit to Pevensey Castle and Battle Abbey on Monday along with Year 8. As 1066 is considered to be the most important date in English history, it is important to understand the key events and we are so fortunate to have these important sites on our doorstep.  As predicted, the weather was not good, but the well-equipped Year 8s had their blue cagoules at the ready as nothing would hold them back. We started at Pevensey where Duke William landed and then moved on to Battle Abbey to examine the battle site.

Having marched round Pevensey everyone needed refreshment and we are very grateful to Sister Kate for providing delicious cake to help restore our blood sugar levels. Battle Abbey provided an opportunity to get the key events of the battle of Hastings ingrained in our brains – vitally important as it is a key topic in C.E. Mr Gregory kindly accompanied us and tried to keep the slower tail end of the crocodile in touch with its head. Miss Laing took all the photographs and I am sure will return to Australia with a clearer picture of why this is ‘1066 Country’.”